Alright all you mothers of opinionated daughters AKA little DIVAS. I want to hear your best stories.

My 6yr old daughter, who will from here on out be referred to as “Ramona,” has a skin sensitivity issue. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING feels good on her skin!!! I wouldn’t go as far as to say she has a disorder of any kind, but I think she just likes to complain for the sake of being in control of the situation.

Case in point~

The other morning I helped her get dressed. She actually found socks that didn’t have a “bump” (she wears all socks inside out by the way), I didn’t require any hair accessories (which if required sends her into a tizzy fit!), so everything looked good. Or so I thought. She had pants, a shirt, socks, and shoes on-by all accounts ready to walk out the door- Then I asked her to put another shirt that was clean on top of her “comfy” shirt so she would be more presentable.

I know what you’re thinking. That was dumb! You had a daughter who was dressed, ready and happy to walk out the door. Well, that day I was just in a mood where I wanted all my kids looking clean- not always a priority, but today I just wanted it that way.

She put on the shirt, which was one she really does like, she has worn it many times, so I thought I was safe. But remember when working with a Diva ~they are in control. She stretched it, pulled it, wore it half way on. Stretched the sleeves out, and pulled it around her knees. While whining and clinching her teeth. I didn’t give in.

Well, guess what I did next?? I figured she was already upset, so I decided to clip her nails. She detests her nails being cut above all else. Precision and strength are required with a squirming girl. I did manage to get them clipped but then had to listen to her cry and fuss all the way to our destination.

But guess what?? After all is said and done, she settles down. I think it is her way of pushing the envelope and figuring out if mom is really in charge. When parenting, it is always important to hold the line. You just have to be careful where you set the line!!!

We got home and she admitted that her nails felt O.K. She did however take her top shirt off to let her “comfy” shirt breath.

Until she strikes again.


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