Birds, Bees, and Rabbits

Theres been a mix-up on the farm!

Chester is really Cinnamon and Cinnamon is really Chester. OOPS!

That’l teach me to not check under the “hood!”

Master Chef and I had a little talk about the “birds and the bees.”

How, you wonder, did a boy and girl bunny get mixed up? – They are quite different, you mutter to yourself. Well, I’ll explain. It has to do with a certain 10yr. old boy, a mother who wasn’t paying close enough attention, and a previous owner not realizing that a certain 10 yr. old and a mother who doesn’t pay attention might, quite possibly, get the two bunnies, who do look very much alike, confused.

Chester and Cinnamon are brother and sister. They really do look very much alike. UNLESS, you check under the “hood.”

There will now be no confusion about which bunny is which bunny. Quite clearly, by flipping those bunnies over, one can tell with no uncertainty, which bunny belongs to which gender.

I did flip those bunnies over and gave Master Chef a lesson he’ll never forget!!


2 Responses

  1. there’s trouble in the barn

  2. This is very funny. I think you have a knack for blogging!

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