What do marshmallows, a fire, and a book have to do with each other?

6:30 rolled around and I noticed Master Chef cleaning up toys and stuff from around the fireplace. I tried not to show too much interest for fear I would interrupt any progress. After cleaning, he began moving the table. He then proceeded to pull out the vacuum. Many a crumb lie beneath the dining room table.

This could only mean one thing. It involved blankets (sleeping bags in this case,) pillows, the fireplace, a tray full of marshmallows, skewers and a good book by Frank Peretti.

My kids have been devouring Frank Peretti’s kids series. It’s called The Cooper Kids Adventure Series. I have ditched a few afternoons of school just to read to them. Master Chef, 3-D Master, and even Ramona all sit attentively while I read these captivating books. We are on number three.

Master Chef placed three sleeping bags out, placed a skewer with two marshmallows on each pillow and I started the fire. Cutie P’Tootie just meandered around sitting on my back at times tickling me under my shirt.

What a wonderful way to end the day. Of course when I told them that chapters 8-11 would have to wait, a bit of lip ensued.

Imagine 10, 8, and 6 yr olds whining because I have to stop reading. I LOVE IT!!!


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