Children say the darndest things….Stay tuned for more gems

Ramona and I were on our way to a birthday party when the following conversation occurred

Ramona: “If you let me play at someones house that doesn’t know God, I know why I need to be nice to them.”

Me: “Oh, why?”

Ramona: “‘Cause they might hit me.”

Me: “Well, just because someone doesn’t know God doesn’t mean they will be mean to you.”

Ramona: “hmmmm

Me: “I know a good reason to be nice to someone who doesn’t know God. You can show them Jesus’ love by being nice to them.”

Ramona: “I don’t think I quite have the hang of that yet.”

Me: ” “

No, I didn’t forget to write my response. I was speechless!! Although I’ll admit to a little chuckle on the sly!


One Response

  1. Well at least she knows her limits 🙂

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