World’s Best Neighbor

Master Chef exclaimed, “we have the world’s best neighbor!”

He hit it right on the nose. You may think you have the best neighbor, but I think we have hit the jackpot.

When our neighbor moved in next door we did the usual neighborly things. We took her dinner a few times- Pulled her garbage cans up, took her dessert, chatted with her and was just plain nosey at times. She took to my kids right away as they did to her.

Next thing I notice is the strip of dirt/weeds between our properties was mysteriously only dirt. Then my garbage cans were moved up a few times. Then one day I was apologizing to her for not making the dirty space between our driveways more pleasant to look at, but explained that when it is a decision between feeding your kids and paying your bills or plants- food would always win out.

An hour or so later my kids and I are about to get into the van and I notice she is out front with a whole hoard of plants. I look at her and she says, “I went out and bought plants, do you mind if I plant them for you?”

Needless to say, I was dumbfounded!! I once asked a neighbor across the street if she could pull her car up to mine so I could jump start my car. She looked at me with my kids in tow and said, “sorry, I’m too busy” and then shut the door. That’s what I expect from neighbors. So let me say again, I was dumbfounded.

We left and by the time we came back all the plants were in the ground with a nicely toasted brown colored compost lying all around them. But wait-there’s more…

Then, she came over the other morning and asked if she could aerate our front lawn ’cause she had just rented one and had already done her lawn.

Then to top it all off she showed up at our front door this afternoon with her daughter and grandson with four orange gift bags and blurted out, “Trick-or-Treat” then proceeded by saying, “we’re trick-or-treating in reverse.” Each orange bag had stickers all over it with each of my child’s names on them. There was orange and black tissue coming out the top and each was filled.

We all looked at her with the deer in the headlights kinda look not knowing what to say. People just aren’t usually this nice.

Not only was each bag filled with candy, toys, and goodies for each child they were thoughtful gifts. Master 3-D had mentioned to her the other day that he saw a box of 109 crayons at the store and was commenting on how cool that was. She put a box of 120 crayons in his bag. Cutie P’tootie had picked up a toy the other day and she laughed because he thought it was a kaleidoscope, but it wasn’t. Guess what was in his bag? You guessed it, a kaleidoscope. Amazing.

What a blessing from above. What a gem of a neighbor. My hope is that you all experience such joy from someone else this week. Or better yet, bless one of your neighbors this week.

We are definitely going to be talking about how God has blessed us in our time of need tomorrow at the breakfast table. And how He can use us to continue to bless others. The kids experienced both sides of giving this week. What a special lesson God has given to our family-

-A real tangible way to express to the kids how God rewards those who obey his commands. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” etc…etc…etc… I know that we will not always be rewarded here on earth for what we do, and the reason for obeying God’s commands is not to receive rewards, but nonetheless a wonderful expression of His love has been showered down on our family in a simple but beautiful way.

Is there a doubt in your mind that we have the “world’s best neighbor?


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