That’l Teach Me!

I spotted a half full glass of milk with a straw sitting on a coffee table in the front room yesterday. It was screaming for little fingers to come and tip it over. I bellowed (a nice way to describe yelling) to the owner of the glass to immediately put it in the refrigerator and not to dare take a drink of it.

To my chagrin, about an hour later, 3-D Master bumped into a lamp knocking it over which then bumped into a cup sitting next to it. The cup was of course not empty, but half full of, you guessed it, milk. The cup did not stay upright, but tipped and dumped its contents down the wall and all over the carpet.

Did I “bellow?” No, I did not. Why in the world didn’t you bellow you may wonder. Well, I sheepishly told Master 3-D to leave it because I would clean it up. I quickly cleaned it up without anyone else noticing because I was the culprit. I was the one who took the milk out into the living room.

Isn’t that just the way it goes!

So the next time you feel like bellowing-I mean yelling- at your kids, just remember that you will probably do the very same dumb forgetful thing very soon.

Be kind with your reprimanding and maybe God will not have to teach you a lesson in humility, love, patience etc…

Master Chef, if you are reading this post. I’m sorry for yelling at you. Do you forgive me?


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