Don’t look in the bathtub…

Don’t look in the bathtub, or my bedroom, or the garage for that matter.

We had friends over to play this afternoon and the kids and I worked hard to get things in order before they arrived. We haven’t had company for awhile so things were a bit out of hand. OK I’ll admit it, they were a lot out of hand.

We got most things of importance cleaned up, but don’t you dare look in the bathtub. That is where the dirty laundry is stored. Don’t look in my bedroom either, because everything that couldn’t find a “home” was thrown, I mean placed neatly through the door. Just don’t try to get to our bathroom.

And of course anything that we don’t need goes straight to the garage, which I am not sure I will ever find the time to organize. Sometimes I wish I was Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie. With a bounce of my head I could make it all perfectly clean.

I guess for now, I’m stuck with old fashioned elbow grease.


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  1. I love it, Heather! Sounds like home.

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