First 4-H meeting

The kids and I went to our first 4-H meeting the other night. We had a nice time and I think that this will be a great experience for all of us.

We met at the leaders home to fill out papers and talk about what the plan was for the year. Then she took us to her garage where she had something like 50 guinea pigs. They were stacked on top of each other like hot bunks in an old submarine.

We were all taken by her love for these little guys. She breeds and sells them. She also rescues them when others can’t take care of them.

She let the kids feel the tummy of one of the pregnant guinea pigs and the kids got to feel the babies move inside of her. They were tickled to be able to touch and hold them.

Now, of course, each of the kids wants one of their own. I put my foot down. I told them when they were responsible about cleaning and picking up after themselves they could get one. Now I don’t have to worry for a long time!


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