What’s that Smell?

What’s that smell???

I walked through the door the other night and right away my senses alerted me to an odd odor. It smelled like something had burned, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I looked at Daddy’O who told me to check on CutieP’tootie. I went into his room and got him out of his crib and brought him out to the living room. In a very stern voice I asked him what he did. He proceeded to take my hand (he doesn’t talk) and walk me into our bathroom. He pointed up to the iron which was sitting on the counter and made the sign for hot (he extends his arm out and his opened palm up to the object) and then says, “h.”

Then he started to hold his hand and fuss. I looked at the palm of his hand where it was a bit red. No real damage. Not like his other ironing incident that left deep scars across the back of his hand. Oh yes, this has happened before.

I know what you are thinking -You’re an idiot! I would never leave the iron on the floor. It sounds terrible even typing that he has been burned twice by the iron. None of my other kids were ever burned by anything. What is going on? I think I am going to have to lock the iron up and put it in a safe place when he’s not watching.

The iron was on the floor because earlier I had used it. I unplugged it and retracted the cord into itself. I set it by the side of our bed because that is where I iron clothes (our ironing board broke.)

He had wandered into our bedroom, pulled the cord out and plugged it in. Not only did he burn his hand a bit, he burned the carpet too. I think there was a guardian angel right next to him who protected his little body.

Daddy’O went looking for him and found the iron laying on the carpet making the previously mentioned unidentifiable smell.

He ran his hand under cold water, but no permanent damage was done. Just some tender and painful skin. Poor guy.

What’s next? I’m going to have to hide if I light a match. He has seen me light the gas fireplace. YIKES!!!

Now that I think about it, he was burned by the iron right before his first birthday. His hand and cheek were all wrapped up. He had to eat his cake with only one hand. And now he has burned his hand right before his second birthday. Do we see a pattern here Mom??? Hmmmm. I’ll have to be more alert around his third birthday. I guess for now I can just leave it on the floor. No not really!


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