A Creative Economics Lesson

To ensure retention of educational objectives, one must be creative. The more creative and hands on a project is, the more the child will retain.

Case in point-

Daddy’O took the boys to withdraw funds from their savings accounts this evening. They then drove to several stores so that each could purchase a big ticket item to resell on Ebay.

Each will be keeping detailed records so they can track expenses and profits. We are not charging them for gas etc. only the usual fees that go along with an Ebay listing.

They are so excited. The earning potential in the next few weeks will be great.

Many valuable lessons will be learned from this exercise. Lessons like tithing, saving, and spending. Particularly how we can be good stewards and managers of what God has entrusted to us. Also, obvious skills like problem solving, graphing and simple math computation. And I’m sure things that I’m not even considering at the moment.

The sweet thing is that they are not only thinking about what they can buy themselves, but how they can help others.

Master Chef, with big hopes, even said, “if I make $1000 I can pay some of your bills.”

I’ll second that!


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