What do Doctors know anyway!

Ramona is a vivacious, energetic, enthusiastic, engaging, intelligent, and opinionated 6 year old. In no way do I feel that these traits won’t serve her well in her adolescent years and beyond.

The reason I am pointing out these characteristics is because I took her in for her well child check up today. Somehow we missed her 5 yr. check up. Oh well. She has been so healthy, I haven’t had to take her to the Dr. in over 2 years.

Anyhoo– The Dr. watched her “creative” antics for 20 min. and then decided to clarify that I homeschooled her. I said yes, and she said something like, I’m asking because if she was in public school she would be labeled ____________. She didn’t say the words because little ears were listening.

I was quite taken aback. I have been living with my daughter for 6 years. Albeit they have been long and challenging years, but never did I once think my daughter was ADHD or ADD. I couldn’t believe what she was saying. She even had the gall to say if I wanted she could be medicated.

Of course I said, “NO” and she continued by saying that if I could handle it then that was great.

Can you believe it. She observes my daughter for all of 20 min. and has a serious judgement about her. She hasn’t seen her in over two years.

I’ve heard of the trend to over medicate, but I guess it hit a little too close to home this morning. I feel sad for the parents who feel they have no choice because they are pressured by Drs. and teachers to medicate.

I wonder what the affects of all this over medicating will be when we can look back on the history of these kids.

I was disgusted.

I realize that I have a lot of training and shaping to do. But, with the help of her Creator, I am sure that she will turn into the beautiful young woman He wants her to be.

I keep thinking about changing Drs. the thought is daunting, but I now have one more chink in her credibility. I better get moving on it.


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