Update on Economics Lesson

The boys made $78.oo each on their first sale. They are ecstatic! The buyers paid right away and we went right back out and each boy bought one more item to sell. Daddy’O said they had to replenish their initial investment and then we would start the tithe, save, and spend lessons.

I hadn’t thought about replenishing their initial investment. I think it is a great idea.

I talked with the boys about loving two masters tonight. I told them we were going to look up the scripture tomorrow and dig deeper into the love of money and the destruction that follows. I also said they should ask God to give them direction about the plans He might have for them and their money.

I encouraged them to each pray to God when they were in bed about how He can protect their hearts from evil. Satan is alive and well and I can see this becoming an obsession if not monitored closely. Handing it over to God and thanking Him for the blessing of their profits seems to be a good place to start.


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