What will you leave for those "left behind?"

My Mom had a fascinating idea the other night. Well, actually it wasn’t her idea at all, the Holy Spirit planted it.

She told me she had some tapes from a popular radio ministry that her brother was going to throw away. She couldn’t bear to let them go in the garbage so she decided to follow her heart with an unusual idea.

She told me that she was going to put the tapes in a box. Along with the tapes she was going to place a tape player and extra batteries. She and I both agreed that they would be outdated, but that only God knew how they would be used.

I told her to write in bold letters on the outside of the box. “Open after Rapture.”

What an awesome example of listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit even when it seems silly to.

Maybe this will help you listen and obey when you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you.


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