A divine appointment

Part Two of the previous post-

Ramona and I went out to return something and buy ice-cream – Grandma paid.

I soon discovered why my Dad declined to buy ice-cream. God had an appointment for Ramona and me.

We got in line at the checkout and waited our turn. As I watched the young gal in front of us pay and then walk through the check out line I noticed that she began putting on a baby back carrier. She had two kids with her and now several bags of groceries and a jug of milk.

We put our ice-cream in our cart and walked over to her. I quickly asked her if she was going to walk home. She said, “yes.” I said it was too cold to walk home and asked if my daughter and I could give her a ride. She accepted.

I had two empty car seats just waiting for her two kids. We strapped them in and we drove to her apartment.

I didn’t pry too much, but found we had a few commonalities. She thanked me profusely for the ride.

It gave me so much joy to be in the right place at the right time. I know she was thankful for the ride and it blessed her tremendously, but I was more thankful that God gave me an opportunity to show His love to someone else.

Then Ramona and I had a wonderful conversation about how God put us in just the right place to help someone else. I told her that even though it seemed upsetting that Grandpa didn’t want to go get the ice-cream, God used that situation to work His plan. Awesome.

Moral-The next time you get frustrated that someone won’t do what you want or think they should do- Let it go and entertain the idea that there could be a reason. God can use situations that you never considered to further His kingdom.


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