Am I Missing Something?

I was a bit taken aback the other night when I saw a memorial service on the news for a police dog that had been killed in the line of duty.

Maybe I am cold hearted or something, but as I sat and watched men eulogize the dog while bawling, I couldn’t help but think about how ridiculous the whole thing was.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think the bond a handler and a police dog have together is a strong one, and I know that the dog will be missed, but to hold a memorial service for an animal seemed a bit too much. I noticed quite a few people in attendance too.

I didn’t blog about this right away because I really thought maybe I was missing something. Then I heard someone else voice the same disgust that I felt and thought maybe I wasn’t missing something. Granted the person was related to me and holds similar values as I do, but if two of us felt this way maybe there are more.

I can’t help thinking this way knowing babies are aborted every day while the rights of animals are protected beyond reason.

What is going on?


One Response

  1. Recently we had a Police K-9 go missing (later found shot to death). They had pretty much all the police they could round up (including a helicopter!) looking for this thing. For a DOG? I thought it was crazy! Why can’t we get that kind of turn out when a child is abducted?

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