50% chance of showers-or is it vomit?

Oh the stench!

I’m still awake because I have been blessed with two children who are throwing up.

It’s funny (if you can find something funny about throw-up)how kids differ in the way they act when they’re sick.

One kid is just dragging. He can hardly move his body. I got him out of bed at 9 tonight to see if he wanted some water and to sit and rock with me. He drank some water and shortly thereafter decided to empty the contents of his stomach. Well actually, there was no decision on his part. I have to say though, he has had great aim. We have managed to collect it all in containers. However, he only throws up in the container once and then he needs a new bowl. The stench makes him throw up even more. So, his big brother was running to the kitchen every few seconds to get a new clean bowl for him to use. At one point we had six bowls. Luckily they did not all get filled. He eventually went to sleep on the couch.

Then around 11 Ramona comes out of her room smiling saying her stomach hurt. She sat on my lap and started chatting up a storm. She was just glad to be where all the action apparently was taking place and was looking for some Mom time. I set her on the love seat after awhile and like a flash she was gone. She ran to the bathroom as quick as her little legs could carry her.

Shortly thereafter I heard that undeniable sound and ran in to find her sitting on the toilet with puke all over her hand, on her pj’s, and on the floor. She managed to get it in her hair, on her socks and on her underwear. Needless to say we had a big mess to clean up. She just looked up at me not knowing what to do.

She took one look at the mess and said that it was all the Cheezits she had eaten. Or was it just that color she wondered. I said it smelled like Cheezits and she said she wouldn’t be eating those again any time soon.

We cleaned her up got her back to the living room where we sat and began a lengthy conversation about the events that had just occurred. She had a smile on her face the whole time. She is my Jekyll and Hyde. She is the most sweet at night. It’s the weirdest thing. She even wanted a kiss.

I puckered up and closed my eyes trying not to envision the vomit that had just passed through those same lips. How could I deny my little girl a good night kiss?

They are all tucked in and now I am going to get a few winks before we do it all again.


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