50% chance of showers Part II

Just when I thought we were out from under the rain clouds, Master Chef came out of his room to let me know he needed a bowl. Hmmmm! A bowl? He then proceeded to tell me that 3-D Master had already thrown up, but not to worry because it wasn’t on his bed.


I walk into the boys room and to my amazement throw-up is everywhere. You just thought I was being smart when I said “showers.” The faint at heart should look away NOW!

He had eaten a bagel and some apple sauce an hour or so earlier and yep, that is exactly what it looked like. There were bits everywhere.

Now what you don’t realize is that he didn’t just lean over his bed and vomit on the floor. Nooo, he sleeps on the top bunk with a grand view of the entire bedroom. Aim just right and you can just about cover everything. Trust me I’ve seen it!

The room, of course, has seen better days. Pretty much looked like a tornado hit. What is it with weather analogies? I’ll go with it though. It looked like a tornado and a blizzard had hit at the same time.

Clothes, toys, dressers, toy table, carpets, a binder with papers, pens, and pencils inside, and a new box of knives, that I had just brought over from the neighbors, were already all over the floor. I know, knives? Well, they were the infomercial ones that the boys had seen. Daddy’O had a fascination with them and the boys used to sit and watch the guy cut through a tin can together. I just wanted them to get a closer look. They were in there for a total of 10 min. and already the box was ruined for good.

I opened the window, turned the fan on and sent the boys to the living room, which now has been renamed the sleeping room. Began collecting dirty items to clean and then ran the carpet cleaner.

So now, I am sitting here with my glass of sparkling cider just reminiscing about the nights when I actually got a few winks.


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