Burn calories without moving? It is possible!

Saturday I discovered that you really can exercise without moving. I know, it sounds unbelievable, but just wait.

Now what I am about to portray is only my view on the events that occurred Saturday night. I point that fact out because to my amazement it looked as if others around me were actually having fun.

First let me explain that I was as sick as a dog. And to my better judgement, only because requested by Daddy’O, did I attend the affor mentioned Aaron Shust Concert. I really had wanted to attend with my family until Friday when I came down with what I originally thought was food poisoning.

The venue was a large local church. It has an auditorium that seats 2500 people. However, the concert was not held in the large auditorium, it was held in the smaller auditorium. I was told later that only about 300 tickets were sold and approx. 200 were given out so they didn’t want it to look like there were only a handful of people.

Have you ever been to a sports arena when a concert is going on? It is loud right!? Well imagine that decibel in your college dorm room or your first apartment. Get the picture? The smaller room was not sufficient space to warrant such a loud concert.

It was so loud that parts of my body that I didn’t even know existed were vibrating. I was literally exercising without moving. It would have been good if I hadn’t had some residual hearing loss.

I finally took the younger two kids into the lobby and then to the car where we sat and I began reading another Frank Peretti children’s novel.


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