Madame Blueberry and the Thief Mart

Well, Crazy wasn’t even the right adjective. Not even close!!! I feel like a fool. My neighbor involved my family in something awful!!!

I received a phone call yesterday around 12:30 in the afternoon (the day after Madame Blueberry gave away “her” garage stuff.) My neighbor said she had a crazy favor to ask me. I said, “sure what” and she continued by asking if I would go over to her house and move the garbage can from in front of her house down to the mail boxes (which are in front of someone else’s house). She wasn’t home and needed me to do that for her. Smelling something fishy, I asked if I could ask why. She fumbled around for words, but never gave me an answer.

I called Daddy’O to have him on the phone with me while I walked out front. I left all the kids in the house and didn’t say what I was doing. Daddy’O wasn’t available, so I called my Mom. I just felt something wasn’t right, so I wanted someone on the phone with me.

I walked over to the garbage can to move it and I noticed my neighbors boyfriend coming towards me from his car. He said, “don’t move the garbage can, this is a crime scene and the police are on their way.” He continued by saying that she had listed all his stuff on Craigslist and given all of it away. He said that his van had been broken into and his stuff was all gone. Even his son’s baby things were gone. I knew he had moved in a few weeks ago, but didn’t realize until that moment that they must have had a falling out and that it was his stuff she was getting rid of.

The entire time all of us were going through the free garage stuff my neighbor never once looked remorseful or sad that she was doing something that was going to hurt someone else. She said she was just cleaning stuff out and wanted it gone. I’ve known her for 6 mo. or so since she moved in and have known her to be a very caring person. In no way did I ever sense that she was doing something malicious that night. I just dug through and took and felt glad of my fortune.

Looking back I remember thinking something was amiss, but she has done crazy things before and chalked it all up to her crazy personality. She looked so glad to be sharing that I put all of my questions aside. She had another friend over too getting things. I don’t think she knew what was going on either. Put a big L on my forehead and call me an idiot. What’s that saying
“don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” Well, I should have and I always will from now on!!

As I stood there on the sidewalk for all of two minutes, I listened to the poor guy say that he planned on moving his stuff out that morning and asked if I knew anything. I said I saw some people over there, but I wasn’t going to get involved. I walked away and closed all my blinds and kept us all tucked in our house all day. The police were over there for 4-5 hours as they watched him move whatever was inside her house out. They even handcuffed someone and put them in the back of the police car at one point.

I knew that all the things we took would need to go back to him, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. Things were volatile over there that day even though the police were there, I didn’t want to get involved. I was also embarrassed that I was such and idiot and couldn’t tell that she was being deceptive. If Daddy’O was home, I would have sent him, but I was alone with the kids and felt safer inside.

I called the police today to see if they could give me his information so I could give the stuff we had back. They did and we are going to contact him to see how he wants to proceed.

I was physically ill when I realized what my neighbor had done. Not only to this man, but to my family and me. She even gave Master Chef a leaf blower because he had borrowed hers on occasion. She wanted him to have it. He was so looking forward to using it out front.

I was so sad when I had to sit the older two boys down and explain that our neighbor had done something very wrong. I explained that the things she gave us were not hers to give and that we would have to give them back. Picture me sitting with my boys explaining how awful people can be. They really have no clue how badly people can treat each other. They are so innocent. She has taken a piece of that away. They really trusted her. Master Chef asked how someone who had been so nice to them could be so mean. I didn’t have a good answer. Only that Jesus is not living inside of her and she doesn’t know better. Satan is influencing her and she is giving into temptation. sin, sin, sin.

I explained that she was probably very angry at her boyfriend and she did something awful to get back at him. I talked about the scripture that says not to repay evil for evil and the verse that talks about vengeance being the Lords. And how we are commanded to love our neighbor even if they don’t deserve it.

My poor guys were so confused. Master Chef wanted to know if we could still be her friend. I said yes, especially now. We prayed this morning that God would give us wisdom in how we speak to her and how we treat her. Obviously she is in a lot of pain. She is broken and weak.

I have not had a chance to speak my mind to her, but I know I will have a chance to voice my disgust with her actions and what she did to my kids. She really adores my kids and I think it will hurt her to know that the oldest didn’t know if it was ok to be her friend.

What gets me is that she came over last night to borrow our hand truck/dolly and didn’t say a word about the events of the day. I just gave it to her in silence knowing that it wasn’t time to talk about my anger.

I really need time to process the events and pray about how God can use me to impact her life. How can He use the events to teach my children and in turn glorify Him. I think our family will be talking about this for long time to come. I’m sure it will come up as a great example for many lessons on morality, values, and being Christlike. It will be a solid example that my kids will be able to digest.


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  1. I just wanted to say hello. I am on CafeMom (Christian Homeschoolers group) and noticed that you shared your blog.
    What a horrible thing to have happened with your neighbor but what a great lesson to teach your children.

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