Do ya wonder what other homeschoolers do all day?

Well, here is an unusual day for us, but one just the same.

Friday we had light duty. I had a sewing project (outfit for my new niece) to finish up, so I declared it light duty day. The kids were thrilled.

We accomplished about three subjects each and then I let them choose an activity. Then they saw what I was doing and they all wanted to get sewing too.

To my dismay, I couldn’t work on my project because six- no eight hands needed help. Yikes! They decided to make rice/bean bags. Master Chef started hand sewing a few and then decided that he wanted to take the easy route and use the machine. He already knows how to use it, so I let him go to town while I helped the others.

By the end of our afternoon, everyone had made several things. The living room looked like it had coughed up thread and rice. It was all over the place. CutieP’tootie had a ball dragging a spool around behind him leaving a trail of thread.

Master Chef also made his little sister a tent for some rubber mice she was borrowing from 3-D Master. He used several straws to hold up the top and stiched the edges down to another piece of fabric. It was pretty clever. I love to give them freedom to create and see what they come up with.

All in all it was a successful day. Let’s face it, how often does a 10 year old boy sew his pesky little sister something just because she wanted it. A red letter day to be sure!


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