A good life skill to possess is bartering. My kids have mastered it. One of the many examples occurred yesterday.

3-D Master wanted to play a video game. I told him he could not until his room was picked up. This activity (cleaning up) is his least favorite, as I’m sure is true of most kids. He, however, has a “cleaning aversion gene.” Which if you haven’t heard, is passed down from only one side of the family tree. I have no idea where it came from LOL.

Anyway, he clearly did not want to do it. But knew he would have to buck up if he wanted to play.

Enter Ramona. She wanted to take the little rubber mouse she had borrowed from 3-D Master on an errand with her. He told her no, but she protested.

Wheels turned – and Wallah – before I knew it Ramona was helping him clean his room.

He decided to let her borrow his mouse if she helped clean up.

Won’t he make a great parent!


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