Black Friday Frenzy

I slept in this black Friday. I was too tired from all the work yesterday that I didn’t leave my house until about 9 AM. Most of the crazies had already been out and back by the time I got there. I took a co-conspirator with me (Master Chef,) although he had no idea what was in store. I gave him the run down on the action that would occur once inside the store. He was up for the challenge, but I’m not sure he believed me.

I had a list which I only deviated from slightly. We started with socks for Daddy’O and then found a bathrobe for Master Chef and some new winter gloves for the kiddos. Then it was off to the games. It was buy one get one free. We bought States and Capitals Sequence, Doodle Dice, Mad Lib Card Game, and a Bingo set with cage and all. Master Chef took one look at it and had to have it.

We sat around the table by the fire tonight and played a few rounds. The winner of each round got to choose what they wanted for dessert.

We picked up a few other things and then it was off to two more stores and home for lunch.

Master Chef actually said it wasn’t too bad at the store. Good I’ll take him along next year. He makes a great cart watcher. I kept telling him to stay next to the cart as I maneuvered my way around everybody else.

We had a nice time fighting the crowds. It was a lot more enjoyable with someone to shop with.


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