Why do I bother?

I am about to complain. If you don’t care to read my frustration spilling out in the following post, read no further.

I went to the store yesterday, as mentioned in an earlier post, and bought Master 3-D a new pair of hiking style boots. They weren’t very expensive, only 14.99, but that is beside the point. Today I went out again and to my dismay, upon my return, I noticed the afore mentioned hiking boots on the back patio with mud caked all over the bottom. My temper rose and I began to use Master 3-D’s full name. I’m sure you’ve never had occasion to do this, but I felt justified. Why do I bother? Argh!!!

Then Ramona comes in the back door and holds up her newly purchased snow gloves. She exclaimed, “you need to wash these.” They were a beautiful white and lavender color. Not anymore! Mud was caked on both gloves. I pressed her as to what she was doing in the back and she said she didn’t want to be the one to tell me. I said, “you better tell me!” Then she continued by saying that she and her brothers were pulling weeds out of our garden boxes. Well, I guess I can’t be mad at them for preparing our garden boxes. But why can’t they use more common sense??? I guess that is my job. Have I been slacking off in the instillation of common sense? I think on Monday we’ll have a new addition to our curriculum. Common sense for the homeschool child or any child for that matter. I’ll have to make a list and post it later. Send any additions you have and maybe they’ll be included.


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