God’s beauty expressed in a snowflake

The kids and I were discussing the beauty of snowflakes today. Have you ever pondered the beauty of a snowflake? Master Chef said, “Did you know that no matter how many snowflakes there are, you will never see two alike.” Then Master 3-D said, “when I get to Heaven I am going to ask God to see His list of snowflakes.” Now there’s a thought. I’d never thought of asking that question. I can’t even imagine how long that list is. Maybe its all computerized LOL.

It is amazing to me that God could create something so small, intricate, delicate, and so beautiful. Look at the pictures of ice crystals and you will be amazed at God’s creativity. Can you deny that God creates beauty for us to enjoy?

Here are some Pictures of snowflakes and the science behind them. There is also a page with the directions on making paper snowflakes.


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