Who is that Murphy Guy Anyway?

Master 3-D misplaced his glasses a few weeks ago. I didn’t even notice right away that he hadn’t been wearing them for a few days. I’m a little slow I guess. Anyway, we looked high and low for the missing glasses. One night when we were all looking for the glasses Daddy’O, trying to be helpful, said, “there not going to be where they usually are.” Not sure what help he thought that statement was going to be, of course they were not going to be where they are supposed to be. They’re lost!

We tore his room apart looking for them. I was just sure they were on his bed or somewhere under his bed. Not so. After looking for several days, I gave up and we purchased an identical pair at the same store we bought the first pair. A few days later we received a phone call that the glasses were ready, so we picked them up and came home.

I kid you not, within an hour of our return home, 3-D Master found his glasses. Chalk it up to good olMurphy’s law.


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