Bartering Part II

I told you that bartering was a good skill for my kiddos to possess. Tonight we were out at the Red, White and Blue. The kids had found one of those toys that has five pieces of wood attached together with fabric. You fold down the top piece and one falls down and it keeps doing that as you fold down the top. I don’t know what it’s called.

Anyway, it was priced at 1.99. I told the kids I wasn’t going to buy it for 1.99. It wasn’t worth it. I said if it was .50 then I would buy it. That’s all they needed was my permission. Before I knew it a scheme was hatched.

Master Chef decided that they would ask the person at the register if they would take .50 for it. I chuckled and told them that they don’t barter here. They ignored me and proceeded to the check out. I hung back a little in awe as Ramona rang the bell. As the gal came up I said, “my kids have a question for you” kinda sarcastically. Then Ramona asked if she would take .50 for the toy. To my surprise the gal said, “yes.” She smiled and asked the kids how old they were. I couldn’t believe it.

My kids were so happy. They all played with the toy on the way home.

Wow, is all I have to say. They are going to be very savvy shoppers.


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