Don’t use hotel glasses for drinking

I’ve always been teased by Daddy’O about my germaphobic ways when we stay in hotels (which really isn’t very often.) I have actually brought my own sanitizing chemicals to disinfect hotel rooms. C’mon, I have young kids and they touch everything. Gross. If you’ve never thought about what the hotel housekeepers don’t do, than watch this. All in the interest of time and money I’m sure.


2 Responses

  1. EEEWWWW!!!!

    Ok that just pushed m OCD to a new level 🙂

  2. The high powered dish washer is located in the kitchen, and everynight as part of the PM houseperson’s duties, is put all glasses through the high powered dishwasher. Once finished, the glasses are then wrapped in plastic and placed on the housekeeping carts for the next day. All glasses are replaced in the guest rooms daily, even if they havent been used. I am not sure about other hotels, but with Marriott this is Standard Operating Procedure.

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