Some instances of hostility toward faith, family and freedom

The following came from Focus on the Family

As 2007 draws to a close, California’s Pacific Justice Institute has
identified some of the worst instances of hostility toward faith,
family and freedom.

“These 10 items are not isolated outrages from one Leftist
state,” said Tom Minnery, senior vice president of government and
public policy at Focus on the Family Action. “They represent the
natural outcome of big government, because big government is bad

“Values voters contained a lot of this nonsense by turning out
strongly in 2004, but they went to sleep in 2006, and the moral-values
agenda suffered. The game is on again in 2008, and our side had better
show up.”

The Top Ten offenses:
10. Red Cross refuses donations of Bibles to California fire victims.

9. California Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, with no children of her own,
introduces legislation to ban spanking. She says she got the idea from
a law professor at the University of San Francisco, who pointed to
European bans on spanking.

8. U.S. Supreme Court refuses to review the city of Oakland’s removal
of an employee flier because the term “natural family” was
deemed “homophobic.”

7. More than 100 students suspended in Sacramento-area schools for
wearing T-shirts that quote a Bible verse.

6. Public high schools in California have Cross-Dressing Day as part of
School Spirit week.

5. School attempts to censor God out of private yearbook ad. To wish
their son well upon his graduation, his parents submitted an ad that
included the phrase “may God bless your life.”

4. Yolo County Clerk (California) issues “Certificate of
Inequality” to gay and lesbian couples on Valentine’s Day. The
certificate says, “I issue this Certificate of Inequality to you
because your choice of marriage partner displeases some people whose
displeasure is, apparently, more important than principles of
equality.” The certificate concludes with, “May the God of
your choice bless you.”

3. Sacramento Public Library Authority Board refuses to ban Internet
access to pornography. Viewing of this state-subsidized access to
pornography is in areas where children are present.

2. Federal hate-crimes bill (HR 1592), which could criminalize speech
by clergy. In a mischievous attempt to have it signed into law, the
bill was later inserted into a massive, unrelated Defense
appropriations bill.

1. California governor signs SB 777, which allows public school
children to arbitrarily choose whether they should be treated as a boy
or a girl.

“While many of the dubious ‘winners’ come from California, they
are representative of incidents across the country,” said Bruce
Hausknecht, judicial analyst for Focus Action. “There seems to be
no end of stories of parental rights, religious freedoms, and freedom
of speech and association being sacrificed at the altar of liberal
political correctness.

“Christians should especially take note of the importance of
taking part in the political process. We say we want to influence the
culture for Christ and raise up our children in the fear of the Lord,
and our Constitution guarantees us the rights to do so. But those
rights are only as secure as our willingness to resist attempts to take
them away, whether they come from the halls of Congress, our state
legislatures or our schools.”

Visit the Pacific Justice Institute Web site.


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