Christmas Blessings

What a wonderful Christmas God gave to our family! I hope you had an incredible day too, celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

We woke up, as many parents do on Christmas morning, to the tiny voice of our daughter. She was letting us know that everyone was up. Wiping the sleepers from my eyes I managed to let her know that we would be there in a minute. The three older ones waited as Daddy’O and I rolled out of bed. It really wasn’t terribly early-only 7:30. but when you go to bed at 2 AM, 7:30 comes fast.

Cutie P’tootie wasn’t awake yet, but I let them open their stockings while we waited for him to wake up. The stockings looked really full although there wasn’t much in them. When I made them a few years ago, I made them kinda narrow. Good thing though, I didn’t have much money to spend. No matter, they were so excited to open each gift. I love to watch them while reminiscing about my own childhood memories.

Cutie P’tootie finally woke up with a little help from gleefully squealing children. When I brought him out he wasn’t really sure what was going on. We all thoroughly enjoyed watching the wonder of a two year old on Christmas day.

This year we were the joyful recipients of gifts from the fire department. Our firefighter friend called the other day saying that he had been thinking of our family and wanted to put our names in to receive gifts for the kids. Daddy’O reluctantly accepted. Conflicting emotions arise when you are offered charity. But, what a blessing it was to us and to our children. The excitement in their eyes when he brought all of the goodies over was worth the humility. They couldn’t believe the generosity. We let them open one gift that night and then put the rest away. That was soooo hard for them. They just couldn’t wait. What we didn’t tell them was there were bikes and helmets for each of them in the garage. Along with gifts, he brought a turkey and several boxes of canned food. Now our pantry is full! Another beautiful example of God’s love for us. He continues to provide.

When we were finished unwrapping our gifts on Christmas morning and had cleaned up a bit -family was due in hours for dinner- a knock was heard at the front door. Daddy’O opened it and a big box all wrapped up was sitting on the doorstep. Another box was sitting on top. The note in the top box was from our neighbors dogs. It was filled with treats for our rabbits and our dog. Lots of treats. The kids couldn’t wait to give their rabbits alfalfa cookies and banana chips.

Then the kids, on the count of three, ripped into the big box. Once opened we were all taken aback as we saw a ton of wrapped gifts. There were gifts for each of us. Not just one gift, but many gifts for each of us. We couldn’t believe our eyes. A lot of thought, time, and money went into those gifts for our family. I prayed about this gift and feel that God is telling me to not over analyze the gift, but to enjoy it. (We have had some interesting dealings with this neighbor.) He is the ultimate giver and He used our neighbor to bring our family joy.

Snow began falling and it was so beautiful. Then later our family came over and we enjoyed a delicious dinner and everyone did great. We ate, played games, ate, watched a movie, ate, talked, ate, played video games, ate, and celebrated the wonderful gift that Christ gave to us thousands of years ago.


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