There is Hope Yet

It’s so exciting to me when I see my kids being thoughtful without being asked or prodded. Just this morning such an exciting moment occurred. We were at church where we celebrated communion. Lately we have been walking up to a table, picking the elements up and then sitting back in our chairs while we wait for everyone to finish. Then we take them together as a congregation.

Our six year old daughter had picked up the elements and began heading back to her seat when she spotted an older lady getting up out of her chair. She immediately handed her elements to the lady and went back for her own and then sat down.

Such a small thing to do, but how wonderful for the woman who was served by one of God’s little children.

It was nice to see that she didn’t have to seek my approval to be kind to someone else. She saw a need and acted on it. In her own way she listened to the Holy Spirit’s leading .


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