Krispy Kreme Anyone?

I was sitting at the table with my back to the kitchen when I heard the tell tale sound of the oven door opening (it makes a squeaking sound). When I turned around to look who was in the kitchen, this is what I saw.
The sound that came out of my mouth was that of surprise and shock. It was so loud that it startled CutieP’tootie so much, he dropped the box of doughnuts. Of course the lid came off and all the doughnuts went tumbling to the floor.
However dirty the floor was, didn’t stop him from grabbing his prize with the utmost speed and stuffing it in his mouth. His older siblings and I had a grand laugh over that one.
I asked the kids if they had put the hat on him and they all said, “no.” It was hilarious. He actually took the time to put his hat on his head before he went to get the doughnuts out of the oven.

2 Responses

  1. why are there doughnuts in your oven??

  2. I thought I was being sneaky. I didn’t want him to find the doughnuts. He must have seen me put them in. Or maybe he knows the tell tale sound the oven door makes too and figured it out.

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