Nursemaid’s Elbow

Whatever doesn’t happen to your other three children will surely happen to your fourth! The other night Ramona and CutieP’Tootie were playing on my bed bouncing on a pile of clean clothes (I knew they were together, but didn’t realize they were jumping-I know as a mother with eyes behind my head, I should have known) when I heard a cry. I went to investigate and Ramona told me that CutieP’Tootie had fallen off the bed. I pressed her for details, but all she said was “I was looking the other way.” Knowing my daughter too well that answer sounded really suspicious.

He was crying and whimpering and favoring his right arm. He wouldn’t move it and complained when we touched it. You’re never quite sure if you should go to the emergency room when blood is not involved, but we finally decided to go.

Of course the other three kiddos were in our church’s Christmas program that was going to start soon, so Daddy’O and I split up. He took the kids to church and I took CutieP’Tootie to the ER. I filled out the usual paper work and about an hour after we got there we were finally seen by a Dr. He said it was Nursemaid’s elbow. He showed me how to adjust his arm to get the elbow back in the right place in case it happened again. He had me place my finger and thumb over his so I could feel the elbow pop as it went back in place. It was a weird feeling. He said it was common and not to worry. It hurt Cutie for just a second as the Dr. twisted his arm and then viola, he was as good as new. The Dr. said he would give him a popsicle to see if he would grab for it. The nurse brought it in, but he just stared at it. Finally, I took it from her and then he took it from me. His arm was working great. When we were done, we walked back through the double doors and my Mom was standing there. She came to the hospital to see what was going on, but they wouldn’t let her back to where we were.

She drove my car home to stay with CutieP’Tootie while I went to watch the rest of the program at church. Of course the best part (my kids singing) was already over, but the rest of the program was beautiful and so honoring to Christ.

When we got back home Ramona was ready to give me the whole story about what happened. She said Cutie was trying to get back up on the bed and she was pulling his arm and he started to pull away. Instead of letting go she kept pulling on his arm. She felt awful about what happened and didn’t even want to go to church. She wanted to go with me to the hospital. Now I know why she was so sad and upset when I told her she had to go perform. She knew that she was responsible for his arm getting hurt and wanted to make sure he was going to be OK. Poor thing. A lot of times I won’t get the whole story out of her, but if I’m patient, the truth eats away at her conscience and then she tells me.


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