A Foiled Master Plan

I was forced out of bed this morning by a loud yelling voice. The voice wasn’t yelling at me, but I knew if I didn’t get out to the living room trouble was sure to ensue! I came out, busted up the raucous and went back down the hall to get CutieP’Tootie out of bed. Next thing I know Master Chef is hiding in his closet crying. Now for the rest of the story.

I was looking for something and discovered an envelope which said, “Mom, (Master 3-D) will feed rabits in morning. Hope you have a great time.” I asked Master Chef what the letter was for and he sulkily replied, “oh, it doesn’t matter anymore.” So I opened the card and found this note …
Master Chef had a master plan for the morning. He wanted to make a surprise breakfast for me but Ramona ruined it – hence the closet episode. I felt so bad. He didn’t even get a chance to give me the nice note he wrote for me. It says, “Dear Mom Thank you for all you’ve done Please stay in back hall from 7 AM until 10 AM PS Just ask if you need something.
I can’t even explain the feeling inside when I get a note like this. What a wonderful and fulfilling feeling from my kids. Praise God for giving me a glimpse of His love this morning through the thoughtfulness of my son.
So when you get fed up with all the trying events of raising children, just know that something special is just around the corner that will help fade those trying moments away.

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