Sequential Spelling

I just started Sequential Spelling with Master 3-D. We are on day 4, but I think this is a good fit for him. It is extremely different than any Spelling Curriculum we have used. I was using Spelling Workout for the last two years, but it has only frustrated him. He is discouraged with all of the extra work involved in learning words. He lacks confidence in his reading capabilities so other subjects suffer. I think the ease of this, and the void of extra work, has him excited. Each day is a spelling test. That’s it-nothing more. I give him a word, he spells it, and if it is wrong he corrects it immediately. The words build on themselves. For instance, if the first word is “in” the second word might be “begin” and then “beginning.” He spelled beginning wrong the first time because he didn’t know there was an extra n. But then another word was winning and he realized that he might need an extra n and wrote it that way. He was very pleased with himself when he spelled it right. I’ll keep you posted on how its going. There are 180 lessons in this book.


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