Calvin and Hobbes

My ten year old went to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for two nights and came home with one of my brother’s old Calvin and Hobbes comic books. He has been reading it every chance he gets. I came home tonight and looked in on him before heading to bed. He said, “can I tell you one thing out of Calvin and Hobbes?” I said sure and he said, “there was one comic that was so funny. Calvin’s teacher told him to pay attention because this was geography. Then she said, Calvin, what state do you live in? Calvin said, the state of denial.” Then he started laughing one of those I really get it laughs. I think he got such a kick out of it because he could relate! He is in denial that he is really supposed to be doing schoolwork. He gets soooo distracted all the time. His mind wanders and I have to constantly help him put his focus back on his work.

Now don’t think this is his only reading. Last week he read “James and the Giant Peach,” and “The BFG,” and has started on the “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” We started “The Red badge of Courage” yesterday, but I don’t think I will have him finish that one just yet.


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