Boycott of Craigslist Initiated by

I received this email forwarded from my brother who is a missionary with Mercy Ships. Please read and join these people in their efforts. The letter is from started by one of my brother’s friends.

“Last month, Love146 initiated a “Call to Action” campaign to ask Craigslist,
popular public marketplace website, to make a New Year’s resolution of
better monitoring its “Erotic Services” section in order to pro-actively
prevent the sale and trafficking of children for sexual purposes.

We have been greatly encouraged by the flood of supportive email responses,
all committing to joining in our collective shout to challenge Craigslist in
its lackluster efforts to eradicate human trafficking from its site. Other
organizations have also rallied to this cause,such as Salvation Army,
Polaris Project, Students and Artists Fighting to End Human Slavery,
National Organization of Women, The Loose Change to Loosen Chains Campaign,
the Not for Sale Campaign, and many more!
So, what now?

Because Craigslist failed to respond to our letter by January 1, we ask that
you join us in our boycott of the Craigslist website. We will boycott their
site until Craigslist publicly declares a 2008 resolution to implement
safeguards and monitoring procedures that will eradicate the sale of human
beings on the erotic services section of the website.

What does a boycott mean?

Regularly mailing in and e-mailing the updated petition letter

* Not using the Craigslist site until Craiglist makes a public
resolution to eradicate human trafficking from its site

* Encouraging your friends to mail and e-mail the updated petition
letter and to also boycott Craigslist

* Signing up as an Abolitionist and utilizing
upcoming Craigslist Take Action ideas
An effective boycott IS absolutely possible with YOUR help. The
unprecedented amount of support our campaign has already garnered highlights
the opportunity we have to help eliminate a conduit of human trafficking.

With thanks,
The Love146 Team”


2 Responses

  1. Hey, Heather! I didn’t know you had a blog? In fact, I didn’t even know you had 4 kids–I guess I never really paid close enough attention. I am looking forward–hoping–that the 2nd half of the school year will allow me to get to know more of you new families to co-op even better. It is so exciting to have you!

    I like your blog! I started bloggin last spring and find it really fun and inspiring–there are so many good homeschooling/homemaking blogs of moms. You’ll have to visit mine at Take care.

  2. I was unable to find contact information on your website, so I am passing this on to you here. We would like you to post about the Pledge for Huckabee being organized by Huckabee Momentum:

    Contact us if you have any questions.

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