Melange Gang might be on the news tonight

The kids participated in a news conference at our local science museum this morning where one of our local news stations was covering the event. The kids might be on the news tonight If your local you’ll have to watch the 11 o’clock news on channel 6.

The news conference was covering the new exhibit at the museum and the live “Walking with the Dinosaurs” event that is coming to town. They even brought out the baby t-rex to show everyone. It was unbelievable. With its realistic costume, the sounds it made, and the movements, it was amazing. It even unhooked the rope where the kids were sitting and walked right up to them. Mine were ecstatic! It had huge teeth and the eyes were so real. I can’t even imagine how much practice the puppeteer had to do to get it to move so fluidly. Really COOL!

For their participation the kids each received two free tickets to the upcoming “Walking with the Dinosaurs” live event. We’re in the nosebleed section, but I don’t care, the kids really wanted to go see the show, but it was out of our reach financially. Now they get to go for free! God is good!

Master 3-D was interviewed by a radio person after the conference and told the interviewer that he knew how the dinosaurs started. The guy asked how and he replied matter of factly, “God created them.” I’m sure that won’t make it on the air, but it was great that he said it.


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