Bread Bread Bread

In the last four days I have made four batches of bread. I say batches because this particular recipe makes three small loaves. It is the easiest thing too. No bread machine, kneading, or hard work. Just mix, toss in a bowl, and almost forget about it.

My kids love it. They eat and eat it. They love it fresh and toasted.

Its a one of those easy recipes going around-this one was found in our local food day.

3 C luke warm water
1 1/2 T Yeast
1 1/2T Salt
6 1/2 C flour

I think the original recipe probably says kosher salt and some fancy flour, but I just use plain salt and regular old flour.

I did add 1/2 C wheat germ (took away 1/2 C flour) and about 1 T of whey (I’ve been adding this to one of my son’s food as a supplement) to the last batch. Didn’t really change the flavor at all. Next I am going to add other things like cranberries or maybe sweeten it up a bit.

I put the water, yeast, and salt in first
mix it up a bit
dump the flour and any other ingredients in
mix until combined
It is very sticky, but that’s perfect
cover loosely and let sit at room temp. for 2-5 hours
separate into 2-3 smaller pieces (I place each one on a floured surface and work just a tad before rounding it a bit and placing on a cookie sheet)
Recipe suggests placing on corn meal, but I was out so I just used tin foil and peeled it off the bottom after it cooled.
If you can’t bake it right away, place in fridge until ready to bake
When ready to bake place a broiler pan or other pan in bottom of oven with some water in it.
Place bread in oven on separate rack over broiler pan and bake at 450 for 20-25 min.
I think the steam from the water makes it crusty on top. Delicious and easy.

The original recipe gives more details, but I don’t have the original. Try it with your kids. Too easy not to. The smell is sooooo yummy and tastes great too!!!

you can slice the top a little to make it look pretty, but not nec.


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