Our family has discovered a new favorite pastime. Geocaching. You have to check it out if you aren’t familiar with what it is. Our kids absolutely love it.

Basically it is treasure hunting with a gps unit. However, we don’t own a gps unit, so we are doing something a little different until we can get one. I sit at home on the computer with Google earth pulled up. Daddy’O and the kids go out into the city and follow the directions I give them. They found 5 so far. They pick something out of the “cache” box and put something in. Some are hidden in trees while others are under bushes on the ground. They even found one under a bridge. The clue for that one was cute. It said something about a troll wondering why geocacher’s feet were trip trapping over his bridge. Then the troll said there wasn’t a treasures under his bridge. Then the end said, “trolls always lie.” So the kids deduced that the treasure was under the bridge. Then they found it. Some caches have much harder clues to figure out. We are picking the easy ones for now. They are having a BLAST! They have been bit by the geocaching bug.

The pictures show three of the hunts the kids went on. I never realized how many were around our area. You can search for caches near your home using your zip code. It is really easy. There are different size caches. The kids have been locating the larger caches so they can leave and retrieve larger prizes. They sign a log book and now I need to log our visits on the geocache website. This is an entirely new world. They are literally everywhere. Now of course the kids want to hide their own. We’ll have to think up a really good place and then when we get a gps unit we’ll be able to log the coordinates.

If you have a unit that we can buy cheap let us know. The kids don’t want to wait any longer. However, it will be awhile until we can put money into one. I have been emailing someone who has a few caches around our city and she is going to send me some hints and directions to a few so we won’t need a gps unit to find them. She has been really nice about giving me advice on geocaching.

Its crazy to think about all the people going around the city and really the world in search of these caches. I had no idea until 6 months ago that this even existed. Eleven years ago I took a gps class in college when they were a novelty. Never thought I’d use that knowledge.

If you have kids, you have to try it!


2 Responses

  1. Glad you enjoyed your Geocaching adventure – and without a GPSr! Wow!

    All the best and hope you get a GPS soon!

    Hey, when you’re not Geocaching check us out sometime at Geocaching Online In addition to our blog we have hundreds of links to Geocaching how-to’s, information and more.

  2. We Love geocaching!! We have been doing it for a couple years now. We even have a handful of them ready when we go to eastern Oregon for our annual trip to the Coston’s cabin. There are a ton up there! We’ve also made an entire day of it and gone up the Gorge in search of some. It gets us all out and hiking and it makes you look at the scenery you see everyday in a different way!

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