Poetry Lesson ???

I wish I could tell you that I was doing a knock your socks off, gotta try for yourself, fabulous unit study on poetry and today’s style was the haiku

I wish I could tell you that because my kids are half Japanese/American, in an effort to bring cultural awareness to the forefront of their minds, I did a unit study on Japanese poetry.

But I can’t. All I can say is that my silly sock haiku inspired them to write one of their own. But I guess that is how we learn the best, by example. Better to be inspired than made to do it. Right?!?

So without further ado -Presenting the Melange Gang’s Haiku Poetry… typed by themselves

Master 3-D’s Haiku

My eyes can’t see well
I wear glasses they help me see
I can see better

Ramona likes pies
Pumpkin is her favorite
she eats them often

Daddy’O reads books
I like the book he’s reading
It’s Prince Caspian

I have Lego sets
I have Lego Star Wars sets
They are really cool

Ramona’s Haiku

Joy is my RABBIT
She lIKS To TAKE wAlKs WITh mE

Master chef’s Haiku

Funny little men
Create them how you want them
They’re made of legos

I am Master chef
I like to cook and bake things
Thank you for reading

Crayola Crayons
They color and they draw great
I like to use them


One Response

  1. Very nice, i’ve learned Haiku from several books. They are fun to write!



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