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Ever have a moment when you wish things were different? Maybe a little less stressful or maybe wishing you had something someone else has. I have. Every time I hang up on a bill collector, wonder how I’m going to pay for next months mortgage, or deciding if I really want to re-apply for food stamps, my mind wanders to those who have it better than me. Well today my ten year old son hit the nail on the head when he came to me and told me…

it’s no fun when you want more things because it ruins what you have.”

I gave him the I completely understand look and left it at that. He had a great point and it wasn’t wasted on me. I was (actually no past tense here…I AM) dealing with that same issue. I have been wanting something (not necessarily materialistic) that someone else has. And just as Master Chef said, it ruins what God has already blessed you with. Things that looked and seemed just fine yesterday, somehow just don’t cut it anymore.

You know what I mean. All of a sudden, thoughts go round your head that you have it soooo bad and so and so has it soooo good. Well guess what, Satan has your number! Well in this case, Satan has MY number. Houston, we have a problem. Its mentioned in the Bible somewhere… Where is that??? Oh right, its one of the 10 commandments, so you know its a biggy. Thou shalt not covet.

Funny that today was the day he decided to bring up this subject when I was moping around my small, dirty, run down house (of course its not really run down and is sooooo much better than what so many people of the world live in. I realize my pettiness and foolishness outright, but I am just conveying my feelings.) For the last week, well actually longer than that, I have been listening to other women tell me about the wonderful things they have or are getting. They are just things to make homes look nicer or add more comfort and enjoyment to their lives, but it is like hearing fingernails scratching on a chalkboard. For several years now God has been allowing our lives to be pulled and stretched. Translation–Life sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, God has been good- no better than good, through these tough times. He has used this period in our lives to really force us to rely fully on Him. Which is of course one of the main reasons for trials. Guess what, God knows that left to our own selves, we would not seek Him out.

Now in reality, life really isn’t that bad, in fact we really haven’t suffered that much when compared to those who really are suffering, but my point to this post is coveting. When one starts wishing to keep up with the Jones’, or anyone for that matter, a problem arises. The problem is that one of the ten commandments has just been broken and that is a sin. I have sinned. Now because of an err in my thinking, I have a decision to make. Am I going to continue on this path- continuing to sin? Or am I going to confess my sin and ask God to help change my heart? I think the choice is clear!

Paul tells us that we need to learn to be content in EVERY circumstance. There is no room for pouty moods, or miserable feelings. We have been blessed so much. Yes, things aren’t as peachy as I would choose for myself, but I am not the one in charge. Thank goodness for that!


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