Cafe in my own kitchen

As a home schooler I often debate with myself as to whether I should follow a strict schedule or be more flexible in my daily routine (currently I lean towards being flexible.) I had just written out a very strict schedule for Master Chef to begin following when to my delight the kids surprised (I knew what they were doing just not to what extent) me with a wonderful cafe in my own kitchen.

While I was getting ready to begin our day the kids came down the hall and asked me to stay in my bedroom with CutieP’Tootie (a perfect time for Bible Study.) An hour later I was called out and everyone was sitting in front of the kitchen yelling, “welcome to the (Melange Gang) kid’s restaurant.” I looked behind them and on the counter were cups and pitchers filled with waffle, pancake, crepe, and egg mixes just waiting for all of us to go through the line and make our own breakfast. The waffle maker was out along with our skillet and two pans on the stovetop waiting for scrambled eggs and crepes. Each cup was carefully labeled with its contents so no one could get confused. The table was set and there were signs welcoming you into and out of the “restaurant.” They even saw to details like making sure the fruit bowl looked nice. Master Chef arranged the fruit just so- He pointed it out to me or I would have certainly missed it.

Now if I had instituted our strict schedule, I would have missed this wonderful spontaneity from my kids. That is one reason I love homeschooling so much. There is so much freedom for my kids to express themselves. The downside to today’s expression is the kitchen is now a complete mess. Well actually, just a bigger mess. It was already a complete mess.


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