Roll playing part II

Ramona was sitting at the table tonight when she said, “we need to practice using those nice words.” I said, “oh, you mean roll playing?” She said yes, so shortly after we practiced talking nicely to each other. I would ask her to do something and she would say, “yes Mom.” and then she would look up at me with a smile and ask me to “do” another one. So I asked her to do something else and she said, “yes Mom.”

If I had been sitting on a chair, I would have fallen off. I guess the roll playing idea had to ferment awhile for her to embrace it in her own time. She and I are always butting heads. She wants to do things “her” way and not my way ALL the time. Don’t misunderstand me, I give her choices when it is possible, but she will choose neither one and come up with her own idea. She fights me on EVERYTHING! It was nice to see she is maturing and learning that not everything needs to be a battle if she just makes a different choice of words and/or actions.


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