Self Control and a Six Year Old

We went to deliver some late valentine flowers to someone today. Ramona just couldn’t quite control her body. She wiggled, walked around, rolled on the floor, pretended to be a dog, and chased her little brother… I gave her some leeway and then had her sit down, cause she was driving me crazy. She couldn’t even get her body to sit on the chair. She kept conveniently sliding off and making a spectacle of herself. This was an older lady mind you, she had tons of patience-I’ll give her credit. She was very nice about it though, but I was completely embarrassed about my daughter’s total lack of self-control.

In the car on the way home, I was trying to figure out a way to discipline her in a way that fit the crime. I finally came up with her sitting in a chair for a half an hour when we got home. She said, “how ’bout six minutes?” I said no way! I told her she could have friendly conversations with me while I cooked dinner, but she could not leave the chair until the timer beeped. She was actually able to sit still. Next time-oh yes I’ll guarantee you there will be a next time- I’ll have her sit for an hour! I knew she was capable. Her bent is to do the complete opposite of what you ask her to do. I probably should have given her a choice of which chair to sit in, but c’mon, sometimes she is just going to have to do exactly as she is asked! She is completely able to do what is asked of her, but continually chooses not to do it. I allowed her to investigate the house, because she was told by the gracious hostess that she could, but when I asked her to come and sit for a while and chat, she wanted to be anywhere but there.

I think she is overtly trying to send me to the loony bin. I told my husband that I think I lost my patience and sympathy somewhere. He said that maybe I had to sell them on Ebay for some quick cash. Could be. If you find them listed, buy them at any price and send them back. Sorry, you won’t be reimbursed. But you will be doing this family a great service!!!


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