Cheese Snob

I usually buy Tillamook cheese cause we all think its the best durn cheese around. But because it is spendy and wasn’t on sale this week, I decided to buy a cheaper brand. I even went as far as to make sure the wrapper was the same color as Tillamook so as not to be found out. I made “noodles and cheese” one night and 3-D Master completely turned his nose up at it. He said that it wasn’t Tillamook and he wasn’t going to eat it. I asked him how he could tell without tasting it and his reply was, “it is darker.” Go figure. Have you ever heard of anything so silly? It looked the same to me. But nooooo, it was darker. Apparently Tillamook is a lighter yellowish orange. That is his opinion anyway. I even showed him the wrapper trying not to actually tell him a lie by saying it was Tillamook. He didn’t buy it. Then out of fear that I would make him question his sanity, I told him he was right. Although I let him think he was crazy for a bit longer than I should have. That is just crazy. I wonder how this talent and cheese snobbery will serve him in his adult life?

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