What Would You do with a Klondike Bar?

Our friendly neighbor brought us over a bunch of yummy ice-cream that was damaged. Still yummy to eat, just not good to sell. The boys put a bunch of it in the garage freezer and some was left in the house freezer. I went out yesterday to get some Klondike bars for everyone and I reached into a warm freezer. Just use your imagination!!!

We lost two turkeys, a bunch of ice-cream, a couple frozen pizzas, Popsicles, and two packs of Klondike bars. We did try to re-freeze them, don’t waste your time!
Daddy’O spent much of Sunday at work preparing the affore mentioned presentation and when he called, I just said, “you have a freezer to clean up when you get home.” I was already outside shoveling rabbit droppings into the compost. Just couldn’t do both!

To be honest, I haven’t even been out to see what kind of job he did. I don’t really want to know. If you can’t see it it doesn’t exist, right? Ha, I know how this one will end up!

The last time one of our freezers went kaput, I was pregnant with Ramona. There was meat that had thawed and smelled somethin’ awful. I was so sensitive to smells that I nearly puked! I know, lovely picture, just thought I’d share.


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