A Prayer for our Nation

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”

Abraham Lincoln

It disgusts me to think of what our country is going to look like in just a few short years. With the philosophy currently being taught in many schools, our future looks grim.

It won’t be long if God allows the destruction that our country deserves to come to fruition this year because so many have turned a blind eye to the Creator. I can’t even fathom the direction that any of the presidential candidates will take our Country-along with the most innocent of all…our impressionable children.

If you are not already, get down on your knees and beg the Lord of Heaven and earth to spare us for yet a little longer. We deserve nothing but destruction, but by the grace of our Heavenly Father, He can pour out more undeserved grace upon His children and those He has yet to call His own.

“My precious Father, thank you for the freedoms you have given us in this country. Thank you for the precious children you have so lovingly entrusted to us. Thank you for our health and a place to lay our heads at night. Thank you for the many things I take for granted Heavenly Father. Thank you for the many a nights I have spent with You praying over the innocent sleeping bodies of my children. I have prayed that you would lay a hedge of protection around them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am now down on my knees asking for your protection for our Country. This beautiful free Country that you have given to my family. I beg of you to bring a revival of our nation. Give the leadership of this Country the wisdom they need to lead us into a place of desiring you above all else. A revival is a dangerous request, I realize, but You know what is best for the well being of every soul. I pray that you have not turned your face away from this wretched country. I pray that you will use every means possible to draw more and more people to You. Open the eyes of every human you so lovingly created. Open the eyes of my family to know how to meet the needs of our neighbors. Help me to hear your voice and act on the nudging of Your Spirit. ~the most important of these is love~ help my family show Your love. Help us reflect your glory to everyone we meet. Lord You are a beautiful being. You pour out Your love again and again. I pray that You will continue to work in the lives of the people of our nation. Don’t stop until every soul has been converted. Amen.”


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