A Compelling Story

God is just amazing! I am blown away by His beautiful orchestration of events and how He blesses His precious children. Let’s see if I can convey this story that will give you both chills and warm fuzzies all at the same time.

This morning began like every other around our house. We did a little school and then left for CutieP’Tootie’s speech therapy apt. Afterwards we stopped off at Bob’s Red Mill to pick up some yeast and a few other staples. Then as we were headed home I kept debating whether to pick up some groceries at Winco or go home. I just couldn’t see wasting gas on another trip out, so the five of us trucked it over to the grocery store. We meandered through the aisles as I tried to recall what was on my grocery list as well as trying to keep a running tally of our purchases so as not to go over our food stamp allotment. We finally made it to the end and began unloading our groceries onto the conveyor belt.

Ramona began a conversation with the woman in front of us as she kept trying to place the red divider on the belt. I apologized a few times, but she just smiled and said it was no big deal. If you ever shop at Winco you know that two people can have their groceries at the end of the checkout. The two of you face each other as you bag your own groceries. She commented on having too many hands to help and I chuckled. In my case many hands didn’t really make light work. Quite the contrary. The bags were too heavy. I need to give a lesson on bagging groceries in case any of our kids ever become a bagger. One even ripped open spilling its contents on the checkout table.

As the woman and I were facing each other she leaned in close and said, “come here.” Then she asked me my name. I gave it to her and she said, “don’t slap me, but we’ve been praying about who to give this to for Easter.” She then stretched out her arm and placed something in my hand. I took it and slipped it in my pocket and thanked her profusely. She said they were pastors and then mumbled something else. I told her she had blessed us so much and we had fallen on hard times and were using food stamps to pay for our groceries. She smiled and walked out the door.

3-D saw what went on, but didn’t hear what was said and was dying to know what happened. I gathered everyone up as we finished bagging our groceries and headed to the car. After everyone was buckled and our groceries were in, I began telling the kids what had just happened. At that point I hadn’t looked at the amount of money given so it was a special moment to all of us to see what she blessed us with. She had given us $30.

We bowed our heads as we sat in our car and I prayed that God would bless this woman ten-fold for her generosity. The kids were moved by the whole experience. As we drove home, I began to ask God how I should spend the money. I wanted it to count for more than just purchasing something for our family. The monetary gift wasn’t big , but it was given by someone who was listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit. The woman who gave it to me looked no better off than we did so I know it was given from the bottom of her heart. I wanted to be able to bless someone else the same way she had just blessed me.

It became clear on our way home what we were supposed to do with the money. An auction was being held at our church tonight. The auction was being held by our middle schoolers and the proceeds were going to benefit the poorest caste of India. Our family was not planning on attending because we just don’t have the financial means to purchase any fun-unneeded items at the moment. But I knew with no uncertainty that this was what we were to do. When we got home I checked in with my husband and told him what had happened and what I thought we should do. Then I told the kids that they would each get $10 to spend at the auction.

So tonight, our family piled into the van and headed out to our church to have a little fun and excitement while using the gifted money to continue to glorify God. It amazes me that with this money God allowed my kiddos to receive something greater -at least in their eyes. I really think His goal was to show His magnificent glory to my kids. He wanted to show them, in no uncertain terms, these events were from no one else but Himself. No one else can be given the credit. He was the orchestrator of all the events. From the woman, to our family, to the person who donated the items they had yet to bid on (thanks Austen for your generosity.)

The really special thing that I am so thankful to Him for is that He did not require my kids to just give the money to someone else-No, He so generously chose to give my kids an even bigger more tangible blessing. A totally unnecessary gift in my eyes, but I think He wanted to really capture the attention of my kids.

As they looked over the items up for auction they discussed it among themselves and all agreed to pool their money together to purchase a used Nintendo DS (which all have wanted-especially 3-D) for several years now. It was a long time waiting, but it finally came up on the auction block and the kids thought they had no chance whatsoever to win this item. The bidding started and went up a little before it stopped at $14 and Master C was holding the winning bid. They all had big smiles on their faces when he walked up to get it and all sat around with their prize as the auction continued. However, if you can subtract, you realize that they still have money left. They were also able to buy two DS games, an under the cupboard cd player (skips a bit, but we’ll try to fix it,) and Ramona bought a remote control truck which she later gave to her cousin. She told her aunt that she gave it to him so she could come over and play with it together.

When it was over we piled back into the van, but before Daddy’O drove off I asked the kids to say a prayer of thanks to God for our special day. The first one with their hand up was Ramona. I was shocked at this because she never wants to pray out loud. She was so excited and wanted to be the first to thank her Heavenly Father. I was so touched by her enthusiasm as I’m sure God was. He knew it would take something special to move her little heart closer to Himself. Words cannot express my love for a God who cares so much for the hearts of His children. I pray often that God would draw the hearts of my children nearer to Himself every day. So in a way I guess that this beautiful, wonderful, inspiring day was an answer to prayer!


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