Our Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We began it with a bit of disappointment though, but ended with a nice day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ with our family.

Saturday we were supposed to take our rabbits and share them with the community at an Easter egg hunt. That was canceled, so we went out to Grandma’s to pick up some twigs to make crosses and other Easter projects. While we were there she had put together an impromptu egg hunt. The kids had fun traipsing through the “forest” around their property. It took them quite awhile to find them all. Usually they just run out into a field and grab them, but they really had to hunt for these. While they were searching we spooked three deer from a quiet slumber, but found some scat. I asked the kids what the scat was a sign of and one of them said, “that the deer stole our Easter eggs?” They were discouraged because they were really having to search for the eggs, so the obvious conclusion was that the deer had stolen them.

On Easter Sunday we went to church and celebrated the resurrection with our congregation. Then we came home to prepare Easter dinner for our family. Grandpa and Grandma came along with Aunt H and Uncle C with their three in tow. After dinner Grandma pulled out some goodies for the kiddos.

After all the work I was exhausted. I put the kids to bed and Master C said, “I wish days like this would never end.” It was nice to know that he enjoyed our family gathering. Sometimes I wonder if all the work is worth it. But when I heard how much he enjoyed it and thinking about all the memories he is storing away, I found it all to be worth it!


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