Master C’s Schedule

The kids received $10 each from their CA Grandma for Easter. They decided to put it all together and buy chickens. Master C and I went to our local farm store and priced everything we needed. They had just enough to buy all the things. We had a heat lamp and my Dad gave them sawdust for bedding, so they needed about $30 or so. We already have a chicken coop when they are big enough to go outside, but for now they are locked inside the bathroom in a big tub.

Master C just cracks me up. I told the kids that we could go buy a chicken for each of them on Saturday morning. Friday night Master C showed me a schedule he had written out for the event. Notice the slack and no slack list on the right. He is definitely a list oriented guy. It makes me laugh that put in if there was time to dilly dally or not. He even put everyone’s clothes out with shoes and socks too. He made it so easy for all of them. The store opened at 8 AM.

They really did get up and follow the schedule. He has such a wonderful leadership quality about him that his siblings will follow his lead in almost everything. I am blessed that most of his decisions are good ones that they can follow.

I didn’t want to roll out of bed, but knew that I had no other option. I couldn’t dishonor them by sleeping in. Let me tell ya though, that was the longest day I have had in a long time. We were back at home by 9 with a whole day ahead of us. Daddy’O was out of town so it was just the five of us. Part of me feels that I should get up that early every morning. I know I would get a whole lot more stuff done:)


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